Coolidge & Musical Family Tree's 100th episode 

Indy (& indie) music fans: Coolidge is going to be part of the Musical Family Tree's super spectacular 100th episode! If you're in the central Indiana are, you can hear the show live on May 27 from 7-9 pm EST on WQRT (99.1 FM). Or - listen online when you gots the time, just click on the link below for more info. Thanks MFT for supporting orginal & local music!

Musical Family Tree FB link

Joshy boy & Talking Records go deep into Johnny Socko's Full Trucker Effect 

Did you drive a big rig back in aught-90's? Take all yer meals with gravy? Well hash browns me too: Check out this in depth interview talking about all things Full Trucker Effect - Johnny Socko's infamous third release. Was it an actual soundtrack? Was there an actual Boroborinski brother? Fun stories, PG-13 anecdotes and of course - 18 wheels of gravy!

Link to the podcast

Spotify link to the podcast