Coolidge & Musical Family Tree's 100th episode

Indy (& indie) music fans: Coolidge is going to be part of the Musical Family Tree's super spectacular 100th episode! If you're in the central Indiana are, you can hear the show live on May 27 from 7-9 pm EST…


Virtual Round Table - Come on Eileen & come on by!

The Bidness & Bay Area Ska will be hosting a virtual round table TONIGHT - Tuesday , May 18 at 7pm EST.

Today's show features: 

Stoker (Dexy's Midnight Runners) 
Dean Olmstead (Let's Go Bowling) 
Josh Silbert (Coolidge/Johnny Socko) 
Juan Carlos/Laura…


Indy In-Tune Podcast: 4/25 5pm EST

Forget the virtual red carpet for the Oscars and hear what really glamour sounds like: Chris & Josh have a lively-n-lovely chat with the host of Indy In-Tune Radio - Mr. Darren Snider. Stories are shared, anecdotes are dropped and…


Chris & Josh on InTune Radio podcast!

Testing 1-2 1-2, is this thing on? HEY - check here for new & groovy content, music, remixes, interviews and announcements for all stuff Coolidge. Upcoming news: Chris & Josh were recently featured on Indy In-Tune radio and the replay…